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How to Prep Your Personal Car for Winter

How to Prepare Yourself for Winter

Wintertime is the most wonderful time of the year, being in northern American and in Canada is a reward, however, not when the first unexpected snowstorm hits and you find yourself stuck in the snow. Prepare yourself ahead of time and learn what is essential and what can be prevented with these few tips.

The Personal Car/Truck

1. This should be a no brainer but a window scraper is an essential part of being in a snowy area, this should include a scraper tool as well as a brush on either end.

2. Wiper Fluid on hand and ready to be inserted. Defroster is a must when dealing with ice. To also check out your windshield wipers to ensure they are able to wipe the wind shield properly.

3. Heated hand Warmers for gloves, socks and other easily susceptible place for frost bite to happen.

4. Fresh change of warm clothing, this should include a jacket, long pants and other warming clothing that can be put on if your clothes get damp.

5. Jumper Cables kept in the car at all times and an inspection on your tire tread.

6. Finally, always ensure to have a first aid kit including fresh water, snacks and blankets in case there is a time when you are stuck for a period of time.

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