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Detailed Benefits and Features

Business Management System

Business Management System

Systematically speaking it only makes sense that having valuable information at your fingertips, in one place, would improve operational efficiency. Since 2004 CrewTracker has been doing just that with its multifaceted software platform that includes a QuickBooks integration, desktop software, mobile application and real time web portal powerfully linked together to save you time, and money.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Collect all data needed to meet or exceed ISO 9001 / SN9001 requirements and generate ISO reporting documentation while promoting involvement from top management, employees, and service partners in a Quality Management System to integrate processes to add value to the company objectives and your clients/customers.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Easy export functions to popular formats and customized reports are available. Most popular reports:

  • Profit/Loss Report by property, crew, day, week, month or year!

  • Accepted, Expired Contracts, Routing, and Equipment

  • Services Completed, Started or Not Started Reports

  • Materials Estimated vs Materials Used Reports

  • Employee/Service Partner Pay Reports with service time pay vs. nonservice time pay, material costs

  • Year end, month end, week end financials

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Process your invoices and bills in minutes instead of hours or days/weeks with the QuickBooks desktop or online integration with CrewTracker Software. Synchronization makes for quick and easy transfer of customer invoices - and improved cashflow - by implementing efficient and proven systematic changes in managing and processing invoices, as well as service partner bills, subcontractor pay, and employee time/pay.

Documentation & Communications Management

Documentation/ Communications Management

Link documents to a customer or service provider/sub-contractor to ensure everyone has access to the relevant and current information needed to ensure quality service execution including site maps and site plans, service notes and contact information. Keep everyone up to date on important activities related to customer calls/contacts or service providers/sub-contractors, schedule and document follow-up reminders and add notes.

Photo Documentation Management

Photo Documentation/ Management

Maintain a permanent visual record of services performed with date and time stamps – and - email photos to anyone via the photo management tool. Crews can upload up to 10 photos per service via the mobile application sent in real time to the web portal for operations management and/or customer communications – and - leaving a date and time stamped photo for internal documentation/records.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Document Your Prospecting Efforts

  • Potential Customers

  • Potential Service Providers/Sub-Contractors

  • Document Storage

Contract Customer Management

Contract/Customer Management

Extensive options in setting up your service contracts including fixed, per event, hourly, and seasonal - with or without caps – not to mention blizzard clauses. System tools enable you to add and edit services one at a time or several at once to track things such as terms and conditions, pricing, contract details, site maps, service notes and more!

Crew Management

Crew Management

Options include tools to manage employees and their pay – differentiating between “service time” and “time clock” pay. Manage your subcontractor/service partner pay whether they be paid hourly, hourly by equipment type, per time/event or “piece work” agreements. Easily track equipment rates, material rates, assigned services and route order as well as send instant notifications to your workforce via their mobile device.

Material Tracking & Costing

Material Tracking/Costing

Integrate material tracking and rates by material calculations into your workflow. Easily integrate your application rates into the system for estimated material use vs. actual use on a per day, week, season, or storm basis with easy integration into the mobile application for field reporting and QuickBooks class code integration if applicable.

Routing Tools

Routing Tools

Utilize text and visual routing tools sorted by property or crew to easily create route plans with drag and drop or mass routing tools. Easily re-route and/or delete services to crews as well as assign route orders and include estimated hours for the field service crews utilizing the mobile application.

GPS & Visual Tools

GPS/Visual Tools

Utilize real-time crew location GPS, property location GPS with weather overlay as well as reporting tools that include start and stop service location GPS to mitigate risk in slip and fall claims – sometimes keeping insurance premiums in line.

Customer Communications Portal

Customer Communications/Portal

Implement automatic messaging of services started, completed or both and email service photos to your client. Set up customer access to a real-time web portal to view status of service(s) and photos for easy client access from any device connected to the internet.

Real-Time Cloud-Based Web Portal

Real-Time Cloud-Based Web Portal

Viewable on any internet-connected device and enables easy management of the real-time status of operations at any given time. Different areas enable views of the locations of crews, the status of services, photos uploaded by crews, visual status of services on a map, and a weather overlay. Advanced filtering options allow for the ability to sort and view by crew, service, area manager, zone, status, and more.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Field crews utilize the iOS – for iPhone or iPad and/or Android - phone or tablet available in both English and Spanish. The mobile app displays a route list with services in list or map view and captures service start/stop date and time, crew location date and time with GPS breadcrumbs for liability documentation. Crews can capture 10 photos, service, time and record service notes, site and weather conditions, surface and air temperature, number of crew members, service time, company time clock for employee pay and more all while meeting ISO 9001 / SN9001 requirements relating to site maps, service plans and notes, unusual conditions, equipment used, and more!

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