- Viewable on Any Device Connected to the Internet - Displays What Is Going On In Real-Time - Displays Locations Of Crews - Displays Status Of Services - Displays Photos Crews Upload - Displays Visual Status Of Services On A Map With Weather Overlay - Displays Filtered Views - Filter By Crew - Filter By Service - Filter By Area Manager - Filter By Zone - Filter By Status


Text of Email Messaging To Customer When Service Is Started and/or Completed
Photos can be emailed
Messaging to one or more phones or emails Automatically Email An Alert To One Or More People When A Service Is Started
All messaging can be automated to alert on or more people when a service is started or stopped.
Crews can be notified on the phones

Customer Communications

Document Your Prospecting Efforts
Potential Customers
Potential Service Providers/Sub-Contractors
Document Storage

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers Or Service Providers/Sub-Contractors
Schedule And Document Follow-Up Reminders
Crews can add notes

Documented Communications

Collect All Data Needed to Meet ISO SN9001 Requirements.
Generate ISO Reporting Documentation

ISO Compliant

Invoice immediately after A Service Is Completed
Invoice For Any Entered Date Range or Timeframe (Monthly; Weekly; etc.)
Export Invoice Data Directly To QuickBooks


- iOS - iPhone Or iPad - Android - Phone Or Tablet - Route Of Services Specific To User - In English And Spanish - Route List - Route On A Map - Driving Directions (In Android App) - GPS Tracking Of Crews - Records And Saves Crews' GPS Location When They Start And Stop A Service - Photo Upload Capability - Up To 10 Photos Per Service - Photo Upload Capability - Photos With Date And Time Stamp - Easily Document All Site And Service Info - Services Date And Time Stamp When Started And Stopped - View/Select Equipment Used - View/Enter Number Of Crew Members - Enter Crew Notes - Collect More Data If You Want - Enter Weather Conditions - Enter Site Conditions - Enter Air Temperature - Enter Ground Temperature - Display Site Maps - Display Site Plans - Time Clock - Records And Saves Crews' GPS Location When They Clock In And Clock Out - Track Non-Service Time - Real-Time Download Of Service Status And Photos - Easily Collect All Data Needed to Meet ISO SN9000 Requirements

Mobile App

Import QB Customer Info
Import QB Employee Info
Import QB Service Provider/Sub-Contractor Info
Import QB Class Codes
QB Class Codes Import
Export Invoice Info To QB
Employee Pay Info Export To QB
Provider/Sub-Contractor Bills Info Export To QB

QuickBooks Integration

Over 150 Reports
Profit/Loss Report
Property Pricing Reports
Employee Reports
Service Provider Reports
Services Reports
Materials Reports
All Historical Data For Slip And Fall Claims
Any Date/Time Range
Extensive Export Capabilities

Reporting and Analytics

User has complete control of the data
Can be hosted anywhere
Access on your network
Remote Access

SQL Database

Manage Employee Crews
Manage Service Providers And Their Crews
Send Crew Notifications to Smart Phones and Email Addresses
Send Employee Pay & Vendor Bill Data To QB
Easily Route Crews to Properties
View All Assigned Properties
Easily Re-Route Crews to Properties


View Status Of The Services For Their Properties. View Photos Being Taken As The Services Are Being Performed.

Customer Portal

Link Documents to a Customer or Service Provider/Sub-Contractor
Upload Site Maps and Site Plans
Upload Service Information

Document Management

Crew Location GPS
Property Location GPS
Start and Stop Service Location GPS


Rates, Pricing, Properties, Employees, Service Providers, Sub-Contractors. Completed Services

Formats included Excel, XML, PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, ODBC


Material Tracking
Rates By Material
Material Reporting
Material Usage Calculations
Assigning Material To QuickBooks Class Codes


Crews Can Upload Up To 10 Photos Per Service
Date And Time Stamped Photos
Email Photos To Anyone
Permanent Visual Records Of Services Performed


Crew Rates
Equipment Rates
Hourly Rates
Rate Tiering By Snow Depth
Hour By Type of Equipment
Per Event
Material Rates

Rate Types

Easily create route plans, Visual Routing, Drag And Drop Routing, Multi-Routing
Easy To Re-Route as needed


Easily Enter Service Contracts
Add and Edit one or more Services
Easily Renew Service Contracts
Extensive pricing options, Hourly, Hourly By Type, Seasonal, Seasonal With Caps Per Inches, Seasonal With Caps Per Push, Seasonal Without Caps, Fixed Pricing, Pricing Based On Snow Depth
Print Contracts for each Property with Service Details, Pricing and Terms & Conditions

Service Contracts