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Why You Should Go Digital

The decision gets easier when you consider each manual and repetitive task your Snow & Ice, Landscaping, Janitorial or Service Contract Business takes, let us consider some common problems without a crew management system:

  • It slows you down. Your employees waste hundreds of hours searching for and manually processing crew & contract data and crew service information. 

  • It puts your business at risk - When critical documents or records go missing.

  • It is not mobile friendly, so it crushes productivity. 

  • It is expensive to manage, buy, store, and print paper

Maybe the question is, can you afford to not go digital? Automating crew management operations and business management systems leads to: 

  • Faster accounts receivable/payable for cash flow improvements

  • Improved efficiency/productivity for administration and management

  • Better customer service and transparency

  • Increased ability to meet growing industry regulations and risk management protocols

CrewTracker Software has been providing an all-encompassing solution for Snow & Ice management, Lawn/Landscaping, Custodial, Sweeping and General Service Contractors for more than 18 years.

Schedule your demo today to see how  CrewTracker Software  can Rock Your Game!

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