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SIMA Show Features


What can YOU look forward to when you visit CrewTracker Software at booth 523 at the upcoming Milwaukee SIMA Show?

CrewTracker Software will be presenting our software to a broad audience and giving visitors an opportunity to try their luck at a ball toss game.

The ball toss game will have CrewTracker specific prizes. In order to play the player will throw a set of three soft balls towards five openings in a stand-up game pit. We look forward to giving each of our visitors an equal opportunity to achieve a prize but only the winners will be rewarded with a limited edition CrewTracker keepsake. Come by our booth 523 and one of our excellent team members will be waiting to assist you with the ball toss game!

What else can you look towards when visiting our booth? Our whole team will be presented with excitement to meet each and every one of you. We are looking forward to see some of our very own customers as well as members who we have communicated with throughout the years. Slide shows of our software will be prepared and running for those who are interested in the greatness that CrewTracker provides our loyal customers.

Another awesome plus is CrewTracker is doing a SIMA show special!

For a limited time, anyone who signs up for CrewTracker Software will receive a $500 discount off the purchase price. This can also work for people who are not attending the show and wish to also receive this amazing offer.

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