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My Time at CrewTracker

Change is Good.

“Life Begins at the END of your Comfort Zone.”Neale Donald Walsch

The best work one can do does not come from comfort zones. Comfort zones are in place for someone to feel secure and continue the same pattern that brings them comfort and stability. Good work can take time, sacrifice, dedication and many more traits that are not in the pattern of stability. Stability can be defined as knowing what will come the next day, change can be defined as what is to come.

When I first started at CrewTracker Software, I was thrown into the world of marketing with multiple ideas of what it truly means to be a marketer. I remember my first week and I was learning the resource the Team at CrewTracker used for CRM and email campaigns, Shelly set up a one-on-one meeting for me to learn the ropes of this new platform. I remember thinking back to myself after we had finished, and I heard the call dial off and speaking to myself “What have I gotten myself into?” Now, 6 months later I can create campaigns and navigate through this platform that I once used to get scared to login to.

To be a marketer has changed for me over my CrewTracker experience. To be a marketer is always changing and with change comes a multitude of experience. Marketing means adapting, there is always a constant change in trends, social applications, software, news and much more that as a marketer you must be willing to go with the flow. I look forward to learning more and gaining more experience as life goes on.

When you first start your journey on the road of change, give it some time. Change is crucial to your development and understanding what you can create with your life. Change is your friend, not your enemy, take it from me.

- Rachel the CrewTracker Marketing Analyst


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