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DIY Landscape Your Yard

DIY Landscaping Techniques

In this blog we will talk about some neat tips and tricks to creating a beautiful landscape for your home. This blog will center around rock landscaping and how to use rocks to enhance your beautiful yard work. Landscaping with rocks is one of the most simple and convenient ways of staying within a budget but creating beauty of water/walls/and a flower bed. There will be a set of pictures below with a brief description on some tips and tricks to making your yard look similar to it.

In this first picture you can see that there is a trail that appears to be a dried-out creek. This gives the illusion of water and could possibly pair well with a more tropical flow of flowers and plants. Creating this would take small sized rocks with a lighter appearance to fill out the depth of the “creek” and rocks surrounding it as a darker color to create the “bank” of the creek. Adding in some extra landscaping will give this a nice forest creek feel.

The second design is easier for beginners and would require medium-large sized one-color rocks. This would create a barrier between the grass and the beds. By creating this it develops depth to a yard and gives an illusion of a barrier between the two that allows for separation. This even comes in handy with mowing and making sure not to sweep up mulch and chippings. The con of this would be making sure the line between the rock and grass is always kept down with a string trimmer.

Finally, just the simple solid rocks in the flower bed style. Many of these plants will have to be rooted in soil so the simple way to do this would be to line the bed with mulch first and then cover a layer in rocks. This design is most shown in desert climate homes such as Arizona, Texas and Nevada. Choosing plants that are easy to maintain would be best for this environment if you chose to have any. A simple rock garden with stone décor would also come in handy.


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