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Vive La Difference

Since 2004, the CrewTracker Digital Services Platform has enabled snow and ice management companies to manage and grow their business operations. At the core, the system is designed to increase profits, improve productivity, optimize operations, generate invoices, provide real-time service information.

We are often asked how we are different. At CrewTracker Software, we pride ourselves on several key areas that provide the best service operations solution enabling our customers to manage and run their businesses at optimal levels.

Exceptional Customer Support: We take special pride in providing outstanding customer support. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with training, questions, concerns, or technical issues. We believe in and have built powerful collaborative relationships with all of our customers; we know each customer on a personal level. We're committed to ensuring satisfaction with our software. Some customers have been with CrewTracker since the very beginning when the company was originally formed.

Innovative Features: We constantly improve CrewTracker by providing cutting-edge features and functionalities which maintains our leading-edge. Our leading-edge is then leveraged by our customers who then have a leading-edge also. Whether it's advanced business analytics and reporting, smart automation tools, mobile app for crews or our service record portal designed for your properties to access, we prioritize innovation. This helps to ensure the operations runs optimally, features are easily accessible and highly effective business processes and workflows are in place. Our customers can then provide their customers with exceptional service.

User-Friendly Interface: Our software is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology. We've focused on creating an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate our software effortlessly, saving time and effort. Service personnel, especially in the snow and ice industry, immediately understand the interface since it supports workflows specific and required in the industry. The interface is always improving. Many improvements are based solely on user suggestions. We place customer feedback and recommendations high on the product roadmap.

Customization Options: We believe in the power of customization. Our software provides a range of options to tailor the experience to your specific needs. CrewTracker often has more than one approach to a workflow and can support your unique ways of doing business while supporting and moving forward your competitive edge.

Scalable and Robust Centralized SQL Database: CrewTracker runs on Microsoft SQL Server, a high-performance industry standard database which handles millions of data records. It is very secure. Users can leverage their favorite tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel) to manage the data outside of the system if needed. Also, you own your data. Also, your service record data is always available - forever. All reports and service data can easily be exported right from the CrewTracker Software interface.

Integration and Collaboration: The CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform offers seamless and transparent integration with many tools and systems. Weather data can be directly brought into the service records. Road Weather Information Systems integration is available also. Since 2004, CrewTracker Software has continued to be the leader at QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration. New in 2023, invoices can now be sent directly to a property for payment via email or text.

In summary, our CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform stands out by combining innovation, user-friendliness, customization, an extensive database, integration capabilities, and exceptional customer support. We live and strive to push the boundaries that deliver a superior customer experience.

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