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Today is The Day

From: John Paganini, CEO To: CrewTracker Software Customers Date: January 20, 2020

TODAY IS THE DAY! Today is the Day! This was the theme of a presentation I gave this past September to the incoming Lake Erie College freshman class here in NE Ohio. The core message is that now is the time to put into action the changes that bring us closer to our vision. Hello! My name is John Paganini and it is a great honor to lead and to serve as the new CEO of CrewTracker Software. There is a great history with CrewTracker Software, and it is known industry-wide that the original concept and software has been improving for many years. So many have contributed to make CrewTracker Software a great and well-respected organization in the industry. Especially you, our customers. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! CrewTracker Software exists because of your business. We know it, appreciate it, thrive on it and live by it. Always. We value you. We will ensure your system is working at its fullest potential and that you are optimizing CrewTracker software to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We will do everything we can to retain your loyalty and help your organization consistently realize high levels of business value from the CrewTracker Software company. GROWING TOGETHER Please know that you are empowered to help improve our product and services. Your advice and input will directly contribute to product features and functionality in the CrewTracker offerings. We are currently organizing a plan to speak with each of you individually. The intent is to explore your best practices, issues, update the product road map and get to know each other. We also want to ensure we are structuring appropriately and positioned to provide the best customer support. This process of continuous improvement will be core to our DNA as we move toward new product offerings, operational excellence and exceptional customer service. Collaboration is essential to our success. Communications will be frequent, relevant, timely and informative. CrewTracker Software will be working hard to ensure clarity on the vision and mission to enable us to deliver amazing solutions. TODAY IS THE DAY TO START A NEW TOMORROW. While CrewTracker Software has seen success, there is much more to do. Like Uber, Airbnb and so many others, we will disrupt and impact dramatic change to the crew tracking industry through evolutionary and revolutionary combinations of innovation, technology, functionality, service and pricing models. The world is moving faster every day and we will lead the way. Complacency is not in our dictionary. CrewTracker Software is headed for greater places. CrewTracker Software has an app and is mobile-ready. We will be exploring effective ways to leverage and optimize the mobile app. In fact, next week there is an update to the app which includes an easier-to-read service listing and smoother/faster scrolling when there are dozens of services.

OUR BIGGEST RISK IS TO NOT THINK BIG ENOUGH! Migrating CrewTracker into the cloud is now in the planning stages. Moving forward, we will also be exploring emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, Blockchain and more - integrating when and where it makes business sense. Ensuring data security is essential and will be included in updates and core to the architectural design. We will enable new ways for you to manage your customer engagement. We will empower you to do more. As a process, we will be communicating with you all along and will implement scheduled updates whereby there is minimal disruption to your business. CrewTracker will continue to be known for innovation. It is key to our survival. Innovation will be one of many competitive advantages. I need to say this again – CrewTracker Software will be recognized as having the most advanced and smartest system on the market. The Rest of the Story is Being Written Looking ahead, think about how CrewTracker system can further your success. Please know that our company culture, like yours, insists on and thrives on innovation and collaboration. Myself, I am looking forward to doing my best work ever.

Thank You and Best Regards.


John Paganini, CEO CrewTracker Software

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