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Cleveland, OH, September 20, 2021–CrewTracker Software’s latest version termed “Summer ’21 Release” is available! This release contains extensive overall improvements, new functionality, and performance gains.

CrewTracker customers will receive a personalized update process that is business-friendly and customer-focused. The CrewTracker support team has been working with each customer individually to ensure the new system is running at optimal performance. CrewTracker will have one major release per year with maintenance releases as required.

CrewTracker Software CEO, John Paganini stated, “We continue to improve the CrewTracker product line and are very excited about this latest release. Building on over 16 years of development, the software solution just gets better and better. This last development cycle was over a year in the making with extensive testing. As we meet one-on-one with each customer, our team better further understands their unique business requirements and we discuss how, why and where CrewTracker can be improved for the next release.”

Highlighted new features included in the Summer ’21 Release include:

· Improved forms usability and readability

· Eliminated excessive warning pop-ups and updated messages for errors

· Improved labeling to improve understanding and consistency

· Improved response time

· Group texting

· Updated Portal Synchronizer Functionality

· Improved security

· Improved Photo Management process including faster uploads

· Bulk Editing improvements for Properties and Services

· New Portal for Issues and Ideas

· Improved workflow for Managing Properties

· Improved Crew Alert Notifications

· Extended “Save as Excel” export capabilities

“There are so many great new features in the Summer ’21 Release. The help menu items make it easy and quick to report a problem or make a suggestion. The bulk editors are amazing! The ability to organize the properties how I need them and the efficiency of the tool makes the work a breeze! For over 15 years, I have witnessed the CrewTracker team consistently improve this software. They love to get customer feedback and treat you as family. I highly recommend CrewTracker Software.”

-Doug O’Bryan, President

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