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Prepping your Yard for the Summer

Prepping your lawn for the rise in temperature of Summer and Spring.

Having a beautiful yard filled with luscious greenery is every home and business owner’s dream. A well-kept and maintained yard is visually stunning in the eyes of visitors. This prep will be geared more towards homeowners and making sure the ability to utilize early prepping will benefit you throughout the entirety of summer.

Before jumping into using equipment and tools that have been sitting all winter, make sure to refill oil levels, gas levels, sharpen blades and do a test of all motor equipment. After making sure all equipment is running to optimal potential you should begin yard work throughout the first weeks of good weather in spring. This weather should be without rain, damp grass, and debris left over from winter. Cleaning up debris that includes sticks, leaves and other rubbish that has surfaced from the snow should be swept and taken care of.

It is optimal to start mowing when the weather becomes nice whenever the grass is not damp, this can be subject to change but should be around once a week if possible. After your first initial mow, it is time to start fertilizing and preemergent. Any time after a month of using fertilizer would be the best time to start controlling the weeds and using a herbicide. If you decide to mulch every year, using a herbicide can be prevented by placing fresh mulch down.

We hope that this informative blog helps homeowners this year with creating a beautifully sculpted yard. Thank you for taking the time to read and we wish you a safe and healthy spring season.

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