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Meet Shelly Kipp, Customer Success Manager

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Shelly Kipp

A True Star!

Shelly Kipp is the face of CrewTracker Software.

Shelly knows each CrewTracker Software customer on a personal basis and has worked with most of them over the years. Shelly has spent a great deal of time understanding the various complex business models of the snow industry. This has enabled her to bring high levels of business insights to our customers and also provide functional and technical input into the growth of the CrewTracker Software solution.

In 2020, Shelly effectively moved into the position of managing the customer service area of the company. This enables CrewTracker Software to provide high levels of attention and focus on the existing and growing customer base.

Shelly developed and implemented both a new product and a new service:

  1. CrewTracker Valet service provides a solution for the smaller business.

  2. CrewTracker WhiteGlove service enables a quicker and simpler implementation process.

Shelly implemented an electronic customer support ticketing system which enabled accurate issue management and resolution which greatly improved the organization's responsiveness to customer needs. With Shelly's knowledge of both snow and landscape business operations, she provides our customers excellent advice and guidance on how to best leverage the features in the system to optimize their unique service models. Shelly has also designed numerous training videos and documents to enable our customers to better understand the system. With determination and perseverance, Shelly will research and explore all options to ensure the ideal usage of the system and resolve any issues.

Shelly also performs extensive application quality control testing which is resulting in new functionality, enhancements and performance improvements to the CrewTracker Software offerings. By providing a better solution, these efforts continue to reduce the amount of support calls and enables CrewTracker Software customers to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Shelly ensures internal and external communications are in place and that everyone is aware of what needs to be done, by when and who is responsible. When working with Shelly, our customers know they are in good hands and that the issue will be taken care of. Shelly will work on an issue until it is successfully resolved, very often exceeding customer expectations.

Shelly generates a contagious positive spirit and energy which is felt by and impacts all. Effectively driven by Shelly, this level of customer focus and care is prevalent throughout the CrewTracker organization and is now core to our DNA.

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