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Meet Rachel Pool the Marketer

Rachel Pool Head of Marketing
Rachel Pool

Rachel has brought in many new and creative ideas to the face of CrewTracker.

Back Story

Rachel has graduated in 2021 with a degree in psychology and sociology at The University of Akron. She graduated a year early due to her completing over 50 credits at Lakeland Community College during her high school career. Rachel has been drawn to the marketing world ever since a business course at The University of Akron caught her eye.

Work Life

Rachel has been the behind-the-scenes creator of CrewTracker Software's social media posts on Facebook. These posts are directed towards engaging customers and viewers on Facebook to become more active with CrewTracker Software. As a marketer it is Rachel's job to understand exactly how CrewTracker Software should be presented in the media and to the public's eye. Rachel has also worked on the design of the website and has been able to understand/implement how CrewTracker Software delivers a strong customer support base. She must be educated on the backstory of CrewTracker Software and how to convey the intelligence the software holds in a way which is engaging to viewers.

Rachel during her time at CrewTracker Software has implemented ideas of attention-grabbers throughout media posts and website designs. Her modern idea of design has enhanced the technology aspect that CrewTracker Software holds. Rachel has created multiple designs through photoshop for CrewTracker Softwares brand.

Rachel conducts weekly marketing meetings with the CrewTracker team to explain what the analytics of the week are as well as implement a plan to success. These weekly meetings were designed for the team at CrewTracker to develop the next step in our action plan.

After Work

After work you can find Rachel at the gym. The gym has been a big part of Rachel's life and how she is able to create new ideas and stay engaged within her environment to put forth her best work.

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