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Mastering Snow and Ice Management with the latest CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform

Discover the Power of CrewTracker Software. We are excited to share with you the remarkable capabilities of our Digital Services Platform, specifically designed for the snow and ice management industry. With two decades of development and customer feedback, our system is robust, comprehensive, and tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of snow and ice business operations.

What is CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform

CrewTracker Software is an advanced business management software system, created by and continually updated from the insights of snow and ice management professionals This very specific business focus ensures our system aligns perfectly with industry-specific requirements, avoiding the limitations of generic service-oriented solutions.

Key Features

Integration with QuickBooks: Seamless connection for customer information, charge accounts, vendors/crews, invoicing, payroll management and more.

Services Management: Efficiently manage service entries with variable pricing calculations, extensive detail, weather data, photos, site maps, custom instructions and more.

Route Planning: Flexible route planning for winter and summer events, with easy adjustments for field contingencies.

Mobile and Cloud Accessibility: The CrewTracker Mobile app includes GPS tracking, photo capabilities, crew time management, visual Google Maps services display and more.

CrewTracker Cloud Web Portal: Provides real-time insights into crew locations, service status, site photos and weather. Your clients (properties) can also have their own private portal to monitor their specific properties and service progress - and view photos.

Invoicing and Documentation: Create invoices immediately after service completion and manage all your documents and communications efficiently. Additionally, the system will create vendor bills. Both invoicing and vendor billing offering extensive customization capabilities. Recently added was automatic invoicing send to the property email or text.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enhance your prospecting efforts for new customers and subcontractors.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis: Includes job cost analysis, financial reporting, material usage, salt depot analysis. Features over 100 exportable reports.

How Does CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform Work?

The system simplifies the management of services, crews, equipment, and client properties.

Key functionalities include:

  • Easy setup for services, crews, and equipment.

  • Comprehensive site map creation and document linking.

  • Real-time reporting and monitoring through web portals and mobile apps.

  • Extensive training support with help manuals, guides and videos.

  • 24/7 support


Supports achievement and adherence to ISO/SN9001 specifications:

  • Pre-Season and Post-Event Reporting: Detailed reporting for pre-season inspections and post-event service audits.

  • Real-time Service Documentation: Incidents, GPS tracking, and photographic evidence are easily documented and accessible.

  • Field Access to Site Requirements: Ensures compliance with site-specific plans and client communication.


CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to the snow and ice management industry. By integrating advanced technology with industry-specific insights, the platform enhances efficiency, ensures compliance, and ultimately drives and scales with business growth. We invite you to explore the possibilities with CrewTracker Software and revolutionize the way you manage your snow and ice management business.

For more information, visit our website at or contact us at our downtown Cleveland OH office at (877) 427-4047. Our very experienced team is ready to assist you in leveraging the full potential of CrewTracker Software for your business success.

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