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Streamline Incident Reporting with CrewTracker Software

Mobile Device Captures Service Information

It's crucial to understand the importance of comprehensive documentation in the event of an incident - especially slip and falls. Since 2004, CrewTracker Software was designed to ensure that all necessary documentation is not only captured and managed, it is easily accessible. Read how CrewTracker Software serves this vital need:

1. Digital Incident Reporting Tools

CrewTracker Software replaces traditional paper-based incident reports with a digital solution - electronic documentation. This enables immediate, on-site documentation, crucial in capturing the details of the incident as they unfold. The digital format includes the ability to add photos with date and time stamps directly from a smartphone, providing visual evidence that can be critical in understanding and resolving an incident. Additional information such as weather conditions, snow depths and more can also be captured.

2. Incident Report Workflow

The software provides a structured workflow for incident reporting, ensuring that no critical details are missed. This workflow includes:

Initial Documentation: Crew members can complete an initial service report on-site using their mobile device. This service information captures the start date and end time of the service, location, a brief description, weather conditions, equipment used, materials. Other information can be added as required in a free-form Notes field.

Photographic Evidence Collection: The mobile app provides capture and uploading of photos, including categorization of the photo, for example "Damage". The date and time of the photo was taken and included in the photo metadata.

3. Immediate Communication with Management

Upon the occurrence of an incident, the crew member can instantly notify company management and/or designated safety manager.

4. Detailed Reporting Post-Incident

Once the initial response is completed, additional information can be added to the service record by administrative personnel - typically this is done at the office.

5. Comprehensive Data Management

The CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform excels at collecting, managing and analyzing data. The system organizes reports, photos, and other documentation for easy access for current and future reference. This is particularly important for legal and insurance purposes, where comprehensive documentation can be crucial - all the data is stored safely forever. All data ever captured is always present and does not get archived.

6. Analysis and Preventive Measures

Beyond documentation, CrewTracker Software provides analytical tools to understand patterns and potential causes of incidents. This analysis can lead to effective preventive measures, additional training needs identification, and recommendations for equipment maintenance.

7. User-Friendly Interface

The software is designed with a user-friendly interface enabling both an efficient and effective workflow. This helps to ensure that the process of documenting incidents is thorough and comprehensive.

8. Secure and Compliant

Security and compliance are paramount. CrewTracker Software ensures that all data is stored securely and is compliant with relevant laws and regulations, giving both our clients and their customers peace of mind.


In the snow and ice management industry, incidents are not just possible; they are inevitable. The key to handling these incidents effectively lies in comprehensive and efficient documentation - from the beginning.

CrewTracker Software provides a seamless, integrated solution that not only handles the immediate needs of incident documentation but also assists in analysis, communication, and preventive measures, ultimately leading to a safer, more efficient, and compliant operation.

We emphasize the importance of capturing comprehensive incident information in your snow and ice management business. By well-documenting every detail of an incident, including photos, timestamps, weather and location data, the CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform ensures that all relevant information is accurately recorded. This level of thorough documentation provides clear evidence of the conditions and actions taken during an incident, which can be critical in mitigating liability and demonstrating due diligence.

As a result, insurance providers are more likely to recognize the reduced risk associated with well-documented operations, leading to potential reductions in insurance rates. By leveraging CrewTracker Software's advanced incident reporting capabilities, snow and ice management companies can not only enhance their operational efficiency they may also achieve significant cost savings on insurance premiums.

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