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CrewTracker Software: 2021 Vision

2021 will see even more updates to the desktop, synchronizer mobile app and portal server. These core aspects of the CrewTracker solution will continue to be improved upon on an ongoing basis. The CrewTracker Software application was born in 2004 and will never be “finished”. It will just continue to be better than it was. Simple, usable, reliable, stable, secure, and responsive are all driving goals. There will be one major version update each year with minor updates when warranted.

2021 will introduce a customer feedback portal accessible from within the CrewTracker Desktop. This will be the place to tell Team CrewTracker what features are liked, could be improved and new functionality. We are looking forward to creative innovative ideas contributed from our amazing customers. This feedback will directly contribute to our product roadmap.

2021 will introduce a new cloud model to provide what we are calling "CrewTracker Cloud". First on the agenda is the CrewTracker database which will be located in the Microsoft cloud instead of a local computer or server. This is the beginning of our true cloud solution offerings.

2021 will see continue exploration and potential implementation of geofencing functionality integration into CrewTracker.

2021 will include a more transparent and extended functional integration with our partner WeatherWorks.

2021 will further explore the Internet of Things to determine how to include sensor data and what sensors are operationally relevant. Think air temperature, ground temperature and other sensors sending real-time data to the mobile app.

2021 will see continued research and potential inclusion of new functionality such as adding site map measuring, bidding and estimating tools and more.

2021 will see implementation of the first release of our operational dashboard initiative. This exciting area will leverage and display business operations information in easy-to-read and use dashboards (see below prototype).

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