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Last week I received an email from Chet Zelgowski stating that he would like to retire.

While we are of course happy for Chet, we will certainly miss him. In the short time I have known Chet, he has been a tremendous employee and resource – not only to customers but to fellow CrewTrackers.

As all of you who have worked with Chet over the years, you know he is gifted with many talents including a keen mind which has solved numerous and often highly complex issues for you all.

Chet has a long history with the CrewTracker Software organization and will be remembered as hardworking, persevering, committed and more. Chet’s many contributions were integral to our success. Chet’s retirement is our loss; however, it is well-deserved.

We sincerely wish you well Chet as you enjoy the beaches of southwest Florida

John Paganini, CEO

CrewTracker Software

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