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Sell More Work for Next Winter

Buckle down and sell more work for next winter. Start right at the end of this winter and start “working” existing snow customers. Get them to renew right away. Except for Colorado and Utah, no one should have concerned about having exceeded their budget. Not enough snow to make you think you didn’t perform properly.

So – schedule “End Of Season” reviews with your customers – to begin in April. Not a phone call to see how you did – and appointment to get in front of them and do an in-depth review of your performance this past winter. You MUST get in front of them so you can continue the rapport you want to establish last fall.

Remember – it’s the relationship that matters in the snow business. So – continue the relationship by getting in front of them. Failure to follow through in the spring could mean you lose an edge over the next guy who wants to dig in and establish a relationship with YOUR customer.

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