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Plowing Operations Oganization

Once the decision is made to begin plowing operations (after the storm has begun), you need to get the word out to those that are working with, and for you. A reverse pyramid system usually works best. This is where you make the decision to start plowing and then place calls to the supervisors of a particular area. They, in turn, then call out the crew leaders or crew members and tell them that “it’s time”. Unless you are using an IVR reporting software system, supervisors should be keeping track of when crew members were called out and when they started working – if you are paying them by the hour. The same holds true when the snow (or ice) event comes to an end and plowing operations are terminated. Keeping track of end times becomes the responsibility of the supervisors or crew leaders – again, IF you are not using an automated software specifically designed to track your field operators. Have the crew members call into your office to turn in their hours as a double check of what the supervisors are turning in. This will help eliminate discrepancies when it comes time to pay your employees, or subcontractors.

At some point, it will be necessary to justify having someone out there who will not be responsible for generating revenue. These will probably be Area Supervisors. These Area Supervisors usually are responsible for overseeing what goes on with the routes they are responsible for. These individuals are a non income generating expense that needs to be covered as overhead. They will “put out fires” and cover for those that don’t show up that particular snow event. Additionally, these individuals will be responsible for customer satisfaction. Most companies will pay these individuals more money for the additional responsibility.

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