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Securing New Business

One of the major questions that arises when plowing contractors get together is “How do I get new customers, what with all the cutthroat one-truck operators out there giving away their time?”

Maybe this is the wrong attitude. Might it be better if we (as the contractor providing services) were in such a position that we interviewed customers who we wanted to have instead of quoting work ‘hit or miss?’ Target marketing is key to success in any business. Why should it be any different with snowplowing business?

If you have a shopping plaza that you are servicing during winter months, then it would be in your best interest to have additional business that is close to that location. Assuming that you are providing tremendous service to your own customer – then pay attention to what is happening across the street. If their lot is not plowed on time, make a mental note of this. In spring, send a letter to the person in charge of that other site, requesting an opportunity to speak with them about their plowing. Do this in the spring so that the problems of the past winter are still fresh in their minds. You may not get an opportunity to secure that business in the spring, but by staying in touch with that potential customer you should be able to get the needed opportunity when the time comes to renew plowing contracts for the upcoming winter season.

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