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Having a System

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Having a “System” is a must to be successful.

Running a large snow operation during a storm can prove daunting to anyone who cannot envision how it is to be done. If you are utilizing more than 15 units to service your customers, you need to have some sort of system in place to make it all happen smoothly and efficiently. Across the country there are a good number of contractors in the business of snow and ice management that have, in place, a viable system to allow for an orderly transition from one account to another. This ensures that all customers are serviced properly and in a timely fashion. Additionally, if the system in place is run properly all subs and employees will have their hours recorded properly and will be paid on-time and in full.

One person can adequately “get their arms around” about 15 units plowing and salting customer locations. With 15 units, one person can probably keep track of everything that is taking place in their head, or with very few notes. Once you begin to manage more than this number of snow fighting units, records need to be kept so that your people can be paid in a timely fashion. Keeping track of hours becomes important so that you don’t over, or under pay your employees (or subs). Records also need to be kept as to who got plowed when so that your invoicing can be accurate and above reproach.

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