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10 Ways Technology Will Save You Time & Money

Updated: May 13, 2020

Retiring your paper systems, however tried and true they appear on the surface, comes with great operational advantages, increased client satisfaction and reduced admin cost/cost containment. Not to mention a predictable and repeatable process performing in real time.

For most small or growing businesses collecting and analyzing time spent to perform required tasks is a recommended starting point. Should you be reaching for the next threshold the same type of list would be applicable, however in all probability more detailed.

  1.  Daily dispatching/communication/planning for tasks to be performed

  2. Time required to manually record information needed in field

  3. Time needed to adjust to plan/re-dispatch

  4. Recorded time for communication in execution (verification, instructions)

  5. Time needed to communicate with client as to services performed

  6. Time required to collect all data back from field crew(s)Time required to enter information into usable format (i.e. spreadsheet), file proper documents associated with service

  7. Time required to verify data collected for accuracy before sending to accounting

  8. Time required to enter to accounting for both invoicing and payroll/subcontractor costs

  9. Time required to receive payment

  10. Additional time to document and store insurance/liability/standardization records and information.

A lot of variables can and do arise every day, in every season. In looking to a technology solution starting with partners familiar with your business is good business; do you want to reinvent the wheel?

There is a reason that your favorite #2 pencil, remains your favorite! Did you know Benjamin Franklin advertised pencils for sale in his Pennsylvania Gazette in 1729? There is a better way.

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