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NEW "Rock Your Game" Starter Kit

CrewTracker Software provides smaller businesses with a powerful and robust Digital Services Platform to manage and grow operations at optimal performance.

Our starter kit includes:

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Case Study

Company: Christians Maintenance LLC

Location: Trenton, Michigan

Founded: 2018

During the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic in 2018, Owner Christian recognized a niche in his marketplace and founded Christians Maintenance LLC. Christian typically provides snow and landscaping services to larger companies in the state of Michigan. Historically his company has more than doubled each year and services commercial sites in the Metro Detroit Area. 

Snow plow on pickup truck

The Challenge:

Prior to CrewTracker Software – Christian and his team manually processed each service transaction - dispatch, service tracking, client communications, time sheets maintenance and invoicing.

“There just were not enough hours in the day – and I wanted to grow my company too. I had realized too that I had missed revenue from a couple of months prior and that it was too late to invoice for.” - Christian

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