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CrewTracker WhiteGlove Startup Service
Fast-track software services


Getting your business into a customized, digital platform has never been EASIER!

If you have been intrigued by getting your business into a comprehensive software platform but wondered where you would find the time or the manpower to implement it, the CrewTracker Software WhiteGlove Startup Service is for you.

WhiteGlove Startup Service takes the experience of going live on a new system to new levels and goes beyond the standard software delivery process by having your business operating live within 7 days.

WhiteGlove Startup Service is designed to fast-track the entire go-live process while ensuring your system is configured optimally right from the beginning. Aligned with your unique business goals, the entire startup process is expedited with both systematic functional expertise while ensuring it is aligned with industry standards. This is all done for and with you.

WhiteGlove Startup Service includes customization, pre-configuration, syncing with

QuickBooks, setting up properties, services, routes, crews, mobile app(s) and more.


WhiteGlove Startup Services


Data Integration

a.    Examine Existing Data 
b.    Data Entry as Needed
c.    Synchronize Data Set

d.   Data Validation

Contract Details

a.    Contract Value and Terms
b.    Scope of Work
c.    Material Use

d.    Application Rates
d.    Service Notes
e.    Alerts and Notifications


Crew Details

a.    Employee Pay
b.    Service  Provider

c.    Subcontractor pay
d.    Crew Notifications
e.    Manpower Rates 

f.     Equipment Rates
g.    Create Users


a.    Setup Initial Routing 
b.   Verify Configuration

Events Mobile APP
Web Portal

a.    Create and Test Logins

b.    Setup Initial Event
b.    Test Mobile App

c.     Test Web Portal
c.     Confirm GPS Display


a.    Integrity

b.    Accuracy

c.    Financial Calculations

d.   Invoice Process

e.   Reporting

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WhiteGlove Startup Service


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