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Data Processing


CrewTracker Software’s “Summer ‘22 Release” contains extensive overall improvements, new functionality, performance gains and direct integration with WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals. Highlighted new features included in the Summer ‘22 Release include:
Tracker Editor
New “Resend Service Alert Email” Functionality
Enhanced Service Record Filtering Capabilities
Show Presence of Service Photos
Increased Size of Service Notes field
Visual Status
Major updates to the look and feel including new filters
Updated design and functionality of the web-based service maps
Help:   Added CrewTracker Dictionary
QuickBooks – Desktop and Online
Invoice Processing - Email Functionality Enhancements
Improved Formatting of Invoices
Enhanced Invoice Processing for Materials
Improved Billing Processing for Vendors
Additional Custom Descriptions for Invoicing
WeatherWorks Certified Snow Totals
Seamless Integration of Weather Data into Service Record


Summer 2022

General Enhancements

  • Continued screen readability enhancements

    • Adjusting form sizes and fonts

  • Eliminated excessive warning pop-ups and updated messages for errors

  • Improved labeling to improve understanding and consistency

  • Improved response time when accessing most forms

  • Added mobile providers SMS reference for texting emails

  • Changed the underlying process of how emails are sent.

    • Changed to Office 365

    • No visible changes for the end user

  • Fixed QuickBooks driver Issue when switching the CrewTracker DB

  • Fixed and resorted Video Help Links

  • Updated Portal Synchronizer Functionality

    • New buttons for Stop and Minimize

    • More Secure

    • Improved Photo Management

    • Faster Upload and Downloads

  • Syncing of additional data to Portal Server needed for future operational dashboards and technical support

  • Login Screen now identifies the Company and Database Type

  • Removal of all Payment Portal functionality for mobile app

  • New Area created on Manage Properties for Bulk Editing

  • New Help Menu items to inform us about Issues and Ideas


Property Management 

  • Property Tree displays faster

  • Changed how "Manage Properties" form reveals information

  • Surfaces and Services Agreement information displays when selected

  • New "Property Bulk Editor" button enables Bulk Edits to Property Information such as Zones, Types, Commencement Date, Expiration Date and more

  • Renamed the “Bulk Editor” button to "Services Bulk Editor"

  • Improved form functionality to show and sort by all editable rows

  • Mobile Carrier email address listing for Alert Message

  • Fixed view of SMS Text Data

  • Restored/Fixed the Alert functionality

  • Fixed visual issue n Manage Properties/More Properties

  • Removed excessive prompts in "Bulk Edits" interface


Other Areas

  • Save as Excel Export feature in Tracker Editor

    • Allows export of all fields

  • Fixed missing GPS dots in Tracker Editor

  • Fixed Portal App Logins webpage error

  • Updated Email message content sent to new mobile app user

  • Fixed Crew Location overflow error Messages on Portal

  • Visual Status - Real-time, Fixed markers on the portal

  • Fixed the Hide Inactive Crews settings not being saved in the Vendors form

  • Enhanced Crew Notifications functionality

  • Fixed overlapping fields in Send Invoices form

  • Fixed issue with Over/Under form

  • Fixed issues with Service Call Routing - Route Check

Summer 2021

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