Data Processing

Summer '22

CrewTracker Software’s “Summer ‘22 Release” contains extensive overall improvements, new functionality, performance gains and direct integration with WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals. Highlighted new features included in the Summer ‘22 Release include:
Tracker Editor
New “Resend Service Alert Email” Functionality
Enhanced Service Record Filtering Capabilities
Show Presence of Service Photos
Increased Size of Service Notes field
Visual Status
Major updates to the look and feel including new filters
Updated design and functionality of the web-based service maps
Help:   Added CrewTracker Dictionary
QuickBooks – Desktop and Online
Invoice Processing - Email Functionality Enhancements
Improved Formatting of Invoices
Enhanced Invoice Processing for Materials
Improved Billing Processing for Vendors
Additional Custom Descriptions for Invoicing
WeatherWorks Certified Snow Totals
Seamless Integration of Weather Data into Service Record