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Family, friends, employees, customers, and many others - we have connected in creative ways. And quite possibly, we appreciate life and everything it is even more than ever.

What a year! We have endured and persevered and made it through 2020. And after speaking with our customers, 2020 has been an amazing year for business. Excellent and Congratulations!

HIGHLIGHT: Shelly Kipp and Tom Campbell

Amazing individuals and collectively awesome! Customer Focus is core to their DNA. Their combined talents have created an ability to provide very high levels of support. They are personable, experienced, technical, functional - which creates an impactful synergy.

Shelly’s extensive snow and ice management background and experience enables her to provide excellent insight and advice to help you use and manage CrewTracker for business optimization.

Tom’s systems analyst expertise has enabled us to gain full control over each aspect of the complex architecture and improve performance and database efficiency, add/fix functionality, standardize the user-interface and much more.

CrewTracker Family of Customers

This first year allowed us to connect with every one of you. In addition to getting to know you better, this has also brought important understandings of your snow and ice management operations and helps us to ensure our software provides value to your specific business model.

Collaboration. Customer Experience. Trust. Integrity. Following-Through. Customer Journey. Connecting. Partnership. Voice of the Customer.

Our core values – and we see they are yours also.

As we always say, thank you to each one of you for being a part of the CrewTracker family. And we will continue to say thank you by providing premium customer service, system enhancements and business-improving innovation unmatched in the industry.

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