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Dealing with Scheduling

When dealing with how you should schedule all these units moving snow, there are arguments for and against how long the schedule should take to complete. In some markets, the schedules are set up so that the plowing is completed within twelve hours of starting. Most contractors around the country work on a six to eight hour schedule to get all snow cleared in a normal snowfall. It would be irresponsible to state that ‘normal’ for Erie, PA is the same as it is in Des Moines, Iowa or Minneapolis, MN. Keep in mind that ‘normal’ accumulations also vary widely from one region of the country to another. It is also generally accepted that when an extraordinary event takes place the timetables are extended depending just how far above normal the snow event actually is.

Knowing how to react in the event of a snowfall, having a plan that can be referred to in such cases, and the comfort level knowing that some discussion has taken place in order to achieve the highest level of service for your customers is essential to success. As with most successful business’s, communication is key to that success.

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