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PRESS RELEASE: Seamless Integration with Frost Solutions

CREWTRACKER SOFTWARE, the Digital Services Platform leader announces a groundbreaking partnership with Frost Solutions, Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

PRESS RELEASE: Seamless Integration with Frost Solutions

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, October 18, 2023 / -- CREWTRACKER SOFTWARE, the Digital Services Platform leader in snow and ice management, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Frost Solutions, pioneers in Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). This integration empowers snow and ice management companies with real-time, critical weather data—Surface Temperature, Air Temperature, Dew Point, and Humidity which is directly incorporated into the CrewTracker service record.

Delivering Real-Time, Critical Data
"Snow and ice management companies now have access to real-time weather information," says John Paganini, CEO of CrewTracker Software. "By integrating Frost Solutions' Mini-Weather Station data directly into our platform, we are offering our clients unprecedented access to localized, real-time weather conditions. This will revolutionize decision-making with improved operational analytics, resource allocation, and ultimately, the safety of our communities. This integration continues our vision of connecting to external devices, sensors and systems to optimize business operations. The Mini-RWIS data will be incorporated into our Crew AI (Artificial Intelligence) models currently in testing.”

Precision in Snow and Ice Management
“We developed the Frost Mini-RWIS to provide hyper-local forecasts that help snow professionals be more efficient with their people and resources, while also giving them the data to deliver a better service,” comments Mike Bott, CEO of Frost Solutions. “Our aim is always to make our customers' lives easier, so integrating with services our customers rely on like CrewTracker is something we're excited to do."

A Customer-Centric Solution
Mutual customer, Doug O'Bryan, President of OBryan Grounds Maintenance, applauds the integration. "Weather is the biggest variable in our industry. Having this level of accurate, real-time data integrated directly into our operational platform is game-changing. It is streamlining our services and increasing both our efficiency and customer satisfaction."

Benefits for Snow and Ice Management Companies
This strategic partnership promises to help simplify the complex task of snow and ice management. The seamless integration allows businesses to:
• Optimize Resource Utilization: Allocate the right resources in the right places at the right time.
• Enhance Safety: Improve road and pavement conditions promptly, reducing accidents.
• Increase Operational Efficiency: Make data-driven decisions to eliminate wasted fuel, materials, and labor hours
• Elevate Customer Satisfaction: Provide timely and effective services based on real-time conditions.
For more information on this groundbreaking partnership, visit CrewTracker's website or Frost Solutions' website.

About CrewTracker Software
CrewTracker Software specializes in providing advanced digital solutions to streamline and optimize snow and ice management operations. Their comprehensive Digital Services Platform empowers businesses to maximize productivity and profitability.

About Frost Solutions
Frost Solutions makes a Mini-Weather Station with a camera to provide snow contractors the information they need to improve their operations. Frost users leverage point-specific forecasts, road condition alerts, and on-demand images from anywhere to make smart decisions about plowing snow, treating roadways, and managing resources.

Media Contact:

John Paganini
CrewTracker Software
+1 877-427-4047

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