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Case Study

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Company: Christians Maintenance LLC

Location: Trenton, Michigan

Founded: 2018

During the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic in 2018, Owner Christian recognized a niche in his marketplace and founded Christians Maintenance LLC.


Christian typically provides snow and landscaping services to larger companies in the state of Michigan.


Historically his company has more than doubled each year and services commercial sites in the Metro Detroit Area. 

The Challenge:

Prior to CrewTracker Software – Christian and his team manually processed each service transaction - dispatch, service tracking, client communications, time sheets maintenance and invoicing.

Before CrewTracker, Christian described the process as “Stressful and time consuming with no way of financially knowing how I am doing until it’s almost “too late. I required a solution that I could customize to my unique business model year round.”

“There just were not enough hours in the day – and I wanted to grow my company too. I had realized too that I had missed revenue from a couple of months prior and that it was too late to invoice for.” - Christian


Christian needed a system that would:

1.  Improve efficiency and provide structure for snow and landscaping services

2.  Eliminate manual/repetitive tasks

3.  Organize and store service information in a centralized shared system to enable access to company personnel

4.  Eliminate missed services, lost revenue

5.  Expedite invoice processing

6.  Streamline Communications with Customers and Crews


  • The easy-to-use CrewTracker Mobile app enables employees and service partners to capture service records, photos and more. This saves owners/operations countless hours in manual data entry, data review, collection, communications, and storage. Errors are reduced also.

  • The real-time messaging, photo sharing and web-based portal view for Christian’s customer enables them to view that the services are performed - per their expectations - and provides transparency.

  • Real-time portal and reports are available for crews, vendors, managers, and company owners with role-based access.

  • The highly customizable CrewTracker Software Digital Service Platform provides advanced planning, execution, review in financial areas and includes dozens of reports – empowering company owners and managers to make the best business decisions – BY THE NUMBERS – ANYTIME – WITH CUSTOMIZED VIEWS.

  • CrewTracker includes a powerful QuickBooks integration– invoicing is performed within minutes and is done with the click of a button.

Proven Results:

Snow plow on pickup truck

As the company owner, Christian oversees each service request, quote, completion, and financial transaction. CrewTracker Software is maximizing his time by automating required tasks where possible including but not limited to:

  • Quotes and Contracts

  • Dispatching crews – collecting data from the field

  • Documenting service data for client contract

  • Client communications – service photo and verification

  • Reviewing service data for accuracy and completion

  • Send to accounting for manual invoice and pay entry

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management

  • Document Management

Date of Installation:                           Friday August 5th, 2022

First Mobile App transaction:           Monday August 8th, 2022

First Invoicing Transactions:              Wednesday August 10, 2022


Estimated Time Savings Daily:   4-5 hours per day

Eliminated 10-15 Phone Calls per day

CrewTracker Software Daily Cost: $6.57 


ROI REALIZED – Immediately!

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