Summer '21

General Enhancements

  • Continued screen readability enhancements

    • Adjusting form sizes and fonts

  • Eliminated excessive warning pop-ups and updated messages for errors

  • Improved labeling to improve understanding and consistency

  • Improved response time when accessing most forms

  • Added mobile providers SMS reference for texting emails

  • Changed the underlying process of how emails are sent.

    • Changed to Office 365

    • No visible changes for the end user

  • Fixed QuickBooks driver Issue when switching the CrewTracker DB

  • Fixed and resorted Video Help Links

  • Updated Portal Synchronizer Functionality

    • New buttons for Stop and Minimize

    • More Secure

    • Improved Photo Management

    • Faster Upload and Downloads

  • Syncing of additional data to Portal Server needed for future operational dashboards and technical support

  • Login Screen now identifies the Company and Database Type

  • Removal of all Payment Portal functionality for mobile app

  • New Area created on Manage Properties for Bulk Editing

  • New Help Menu items to inform us about Issues and Ideas


Property Management 

  • Property Tree displays faster

  • Changed how "Manage Properties" form reveals information

  • Surfaces and Services Agreement information displays when selected

  • New "Property Bulk Editor" button enables Bulk Edits to Property Information such as Zones, Types, Commencement Date, Expiration Date and more

  • Renamed the “Bulk Editor” button to "Services Bulk Editor"

  • Improved form functionality to show and sort by all editable rows

  • Mobile Carrier email address listing for Alert Message

  • Fixed view of SMS Text Data

  • Restored/Fixed the Alert functionality

  • Fixed visual issue n Manage Properties/More Properties

  • Removed excessive prompts in "Bulk Edits" interface


Other Areas

  • Save as Excel Export feature in Tracker Editor

    • Allows export of all fields

  • Fixed missing GPS dots in Tracker Editor

  • Fixed Portal App Logins webpage error

  • Updated Email message content sent to new mobile app user

  • Fixed Crew Location overflow error Messages on Portal

  • Visual Status - Real-time, Fixed markers on the portal

  • Fixed the Hide Inactive Crews settings not being saved in the Vendors form

  • Enhanced Crew Notifications functionality

  • Fixed overlapping fields in Send Invoices form

  • Fixed issue with Over/Under form

  • Fixed issues with Service Call Routing - Route Check