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Too Much Paper?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

What is the first thought to come to mind when considering the word paper? Maybe you think of print, writing or simply question when the last time you used a sheet of paper was.

At CrewTracker Software, we provide the best and only the best solution. Our focus is to make your life easier. Since 2004, CrewTracker has provided a Digital Services Platform for snow and ice management companies.

How Does Paper Affect Your Business Operations?

Tracking time and routes with pen and paper can become consuming to your workload, managing a crew involves multiple eyes on different tasks.

  • Our software provides built-in time stamps that documents your crews start and stop times. This convenience enables control in creating routes and provide a visual map. This will help to estimate and plan the length of time it takes a crew member to complete a service.

Now you’re thinking - Great! It has a built in GPS. What does that do for the crew members I need to pay and keep track of?

  • With a powerful QuickBooks integration, the invoicing process is made simple. You can take care of your invoices, bills, and time sheets within minutes. Imagine how much time you can save without manually entering different hourly rates line by line, whether it be for invoices, subcontractors, employees, or service partners.

No more need for spreadsheets. With our mobile app (Apple and Android), crew members optionally can take up to 10 pictures with a caption at start, during and/or completion. This includes their specific location which helps manage crew locations in real-time.

Ready to Change your Paper Game? GO DIGITAL!

Rock Your Game!

Learn more at CrewTracker Software


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