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To provide continuity and excellence in customer support, we are formally announcing that Shelly Kipp will be moving into this role. Shelly’s title is Customer Success Manager – which very much indicates the main objectives of the position.

Shelly entered the Snow & Ice Management Industry in 2011 as a Business Development Manager. Her tenure was highlighted by securing 1.3 million in new business from May - October in her first season. She served with CrewTracker Software from 2013 - 2017 and continued to facilitate Sales Events with John Allin and the SnowFighters Institute Team up to and including 2019. Her deep understanding of processes inside snow operations, sales and software enviornments combined with her belief in win-win outcomes offer strategic and customized ideas, approaches and solutions in working environments.

Shelly Kipp’s sales background is built on years of fortuitous business development for both regional and national footprints. Her sales skills work in conjunction with a palette of multiple abilities that she successfully integrates to provide a positive, morale-building, lead-by-example approach to her life’s work. Ever the consummate professional, Shelly is the ultimate businessperson when it comes to opening a relationship and maintaining engagement.

Prior to re-joining CrewTracker, Shelly actively served her clients in building, branding and managing their business and content online. Combining her comprehensive understanding of sales and marketing strategies with technological tools and trends she provides customized, systematic and scalable solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Before 2011 her sales background was built on years of fortuitous business development with both regional and national footprints in Communications and Software across 8 vertical markets. She successfully landed and developed the first contracts of its kind in Canada in the government, healthcare, and corporate/national chain enviornments.

Proud mother of 3 children ranging in age from 31-21 and equally proud Nana to one grandson and one granddaughter, Shelly calls Brantford, Ontario, Canada her home. Her youngest daughter Kassidy is in her 2nd year at McGill University - it's like the Harvard of Canada - kind of a big deal - just ask Shelly!

Shelly's commitment to doing the best for both her customers and stakeholders, combined with her passion to exceed expectations will drive her contribution in the role of Customer Success Manager to the new team, mission and vision of CrewTracker!

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