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Designing Next Generation Security

Building a solid IT infrastructure requires essential elements:

  • Fast Performance

  • Scalability

  • Resiliency


Ensuring the architecture can support growth and maintain high performance 24x7 to provide a high-available and high-performing system to accommodate the many thousands of users is an ongoing activity.

More bandwidth, more disk-space, more CPU, more memory, more servers.

All of these aspects need to be constantly monitored to provide the highest level of performance and access.

And very importantly, the system must be secure. The system needs to inspect incoming traffic for any sort of anomalies that would indicate an intrusion, worms, Denial of Service, malware, etc.


As our CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform continues to grow, continuous improvements are being made in all IT infrastructure areas - especially security. The goal is to prevent any and all breaches and protect customer information which is enabled by consistently enforcing security policies.

These breaches are prevented with a "firewall" which essentially prevents threats from getting in and provides secure access to applications. Note: A firewall is a physical device.

As a technology company, it is essential to maintain an optimal highly-available, high performance and secure system. We are on it - always!

High-Level Diagram of the CrewTracker Software Portal Service Security Architecture

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