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CrewTracker Software Revolutionizes Business Operations with “CREW AI” Microsoft AI Tools

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Cleveland, OH, Aug 14, 2023 – CrewTracker Software, the pioneering snow and ice management solutions company with a history of innovation since its inception in 2004, continues to redefine business operations with the integration of Microsoft's cutting-edge AI technology into their core architectural platform. The groundbreaking innovation prototype named "CREW AI" was unveiled at SIMA 2023, showcasing the powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence to streamline and elevate operational efficiency.

CREW AI introduces a revolutionary way of interacting with software – through natural language processing, enabling users to request information using everyday language. This seamless interface eliminates the need for complex commands and offers a user-friendly experience. For instance, a simple request such as "Show me the Top Properties" triggers the system to display a list of properties sorted by the highest revenue. This breakthrough is powered by Microsoft AI, ensuring accuracy, speed, and intelligent responses.

"We are thrilled to introduce CREW AI, which marks an exceptional step forward in the realm of business software interaction," stated John Paganini, CEO of CrewTracker Software. "This integration is a testament to our commitment to advancing technological boundaries and providing our customers with tools that drive business optimization."

Moreover, CrewTracker Software is enhancing its reporting capabilities with Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence), enabling the creation of powerful operational dashboards that offer deep insights into various facets of business operations. This comprehensive approach leverages Microsoft's robust suite of tools to empower users with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

"The synergy of CrewTracker’s industry expertise and Microsoft's AI has resulted in CREW AI – a transformative tool poised to reshape business software interaction," commented Raymond Paganini, Chief Innovation Officer at CrewTracker Software. "This innovation will empower users to harness data in ways that were previously unimaginable, revolutionizing how businesses approach snow and ice management decision-making."

The development team is working diligently to integrate this innovation into the platform, with an expected production launch for the Summer Release 2024. Hemant Panse, CEO at Mantrasys, the development team at CrewTracker Software, stated "AI's impact on customer service is nothing short of transformative. By harnessing predictive analytics, businesses can gain deep insights into customer trends and expectations. This empowers customer service teams to anticipate customer needs, provide proactive assistance, and ensure each interaction is meaningful and efficient, solidifying customer loyalty and retention."

The CREW AI functionality will become a cornerstone of the CrewTracker Software Digital Services Platform, further enhancing the mobile app, desktop application, and web portal. This holistic integration aims to empower users across various devices and interfaces, ensuring a consistent and dynamic experience. This enhancement will usher in a new era of business management, driving efficiency, and fostering growth for organizations of all sizes.

As John Paganini, CEO, elaborated, "Our focus on business analytics and operational dashboards has always been a core aspect of our research and development effort, and now we will include Artificial Intelligence. We will continue to innovate, invest, and advance the CrewTracker offerings to ensure our customers continue to have the best tools to manage their snow and ice businesses at optimal levels."

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